Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sissied up Weekend

Submissive Husband Brings Mistress Wife Breakfast in Bed Feminized Husband Mopping the Floor Last night when myWife got home fromm work She said simply. "What is my "wife" doing this weekend?"  i got the hint and yes, i am her sissy all weekend.


  1. This IS exactly where the "wife" should be, making sure that ALL of the household chorse are done PERFECT. Then if Mistress would like to go out with some friends....he can stay behind and make sure that EVERYTHING IS TOTALLY
    He might need to prepare himself to clean his MISTRESS (with his tongue)from between her thighs and make sure that there will be no cumm coming out on the clean sheets that he had just finished washing AND ironing just before she got home.

    1. I also like the high heels and the very pretty dress that he/she gets to wear while doing the chores. He/she looks so comfortable and relaxed while doing these chores.