Friday, April 27, 2012

In Her absence i still serve Her

As many of you can tell, i think the ultimate act of submissions are to be naked and exposed to a Woman however She wants to appear, to worship Her body and bring Her pleasure.

When my Wife is away i think of Her constantly.  i look at pictures of Her and i think of ways i can please Her when she returns.   i clean the house, naked, or as a sissy.  i try to stay busy but my mind always returns to the fact i am slavishly in love with Her and love being Hers.i so look forward to Her return!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Submission, Worship.

my Wife told me to use this picture if i could because it says a lot.  She is clothed, he is naked.  he is worshipping Her sex and She is taking what is Her right by forcing him to "heel" lol, by grabbing his hair and "pressing" the issue to make it more satifying.  his tongue and mouth but She is directing the act.  And Her foot, (oh how i am such a foot sub,) Her foot "pressing" down on him keeping him below the lowest part of Her body.   i really do llove my life.  Especially behind closed doors!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remmember Me and who you are loving.

So my Wife has a business trip She left for this morning already to the airport.  But before She left.  She had me yesterday, when She returned from work relax Her first with Her feet.

Before bed, some "Remember Me sex."

And a quickie "Because I love you and it is my right sex" before She left this morning befere She left.  How do i occupy myself for the next day or so?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

She wanted to play!

my Wife wanted to play this weekend.  This is what She wanted.  So i obeyed! She had a wonderful time!

Submissive Husband Brings Mistress Wife Breakfast in Bed puy 558   Yes.  When told to do so, i can and have become my Wife's sissy.  All she has to do is say, "I would like to play with My wife today."  And i know what She wants.  Lucky for me i can usually pass for femme.

But it is being truly treated like a "wife" in bed that arouses Her.  And me too!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kitchen as a Potential playroom

As you may have read in an earlier post, in my Wifes house, any room is a potential room for Her to have Her way with me and satisfy Her pleasures.  And yes, She occasionally spanks me, and sissiffies me.  But i am always on my toes.  But it seems a lot of activity often happens in the kitchen,  i don't know why, but i am not going to question it.  my Wife has the right in our marriage to have sex when and where ever She wants.

Women and Their husbands

i love this picture.  Ms Regina does too!

We have not had the opportunity to be in a situation where CFNM Parties between Wives and husbands occured as often as we would like, but when we have it was so hot!

  Usually our CFNM is just us two.  And this can be hot too!  i like when my fully clothed Wife takes posession of me.  Like in this picture, i am naked, so that She can have access to my body.  She shows her tender loving side  with the loving kiss, but also Her posesssive side as She  "Womanhandles" the male cock letting him (or me) know it belongs to Her.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Events of a Romantic Evening at the Home of Ms. and Mr. Regina

A welcome home kiss for my Beautiful Wife
And now Ms Regina seduces Her husband.
And takes what is Hers.

Though this did not happen last night.  It has happened before. If it is Her wish, it will happen again soon! Do these things happen in your homes? 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Does She do with a naked husband?

Yes this type of things does happen to me.  Because Ms. Regina like so many other Wives in WLM's or FLR's dabble in CFNM at home things could happen.  This is a prime example of what can happen when one of us, and it's always me, might find themself naked while the Wife is fully clothed.  She has taken possession of the husband, and he is totally exposed to Her and he submits.  Absolutely submits.  How beautiful!  How right this is, and you can only imagine what happens when and if he gets to ejaculate!  i never know what Ms. Regina is going to make me do!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


When i saw this picture i realized it says a lot about my marriage.  It is how things are.  The obvious submissive in the relationship snuggliing with the obvious dominant.  i belong to Her.  Even the symbolic fact that the Woman is still wearing Her shoes while the man is barefoot and if  this was my Wife and i, he is soon to be naked and at Her disposal.  This could be Ms. and mr Regina of course my Wife would not allow for the messy room Lol.   

me Too.

i just returned from doing some grocery shopping and was so happy to get out of my jeans because my pantes were crawling up my butt.  But the reason i am writing this quick post is that i ran into a fellow "sub hubby club member."

As i was going down the aisle to buy some feminine products for my Wife, i saw a young man, dressed in a short jacket and tight fitting sweat pants, wearing flips on his bare feet, seemingly looking for some of the same things i was.  he was not only uncomfortable pulling the products off the shelf and putting them in the basket, but he was picking at his sweats as his panties which i could clearly see the outline were obviously bugging him.  i took the chance, and it couldbe risky, and quietly said to him, "i know.  mine are crawling up on me too."  he blushed and said, "Are you a..?"  i quickly said to save him any embarassment or doubt, "Yes i am."  We introduced ourselves, and in quiet talk he let me know his fiance "Told me to get these things for Her and i am a  bit embarassed." i told him "i have been doing this for a while and the embarassment does not go away completely but it helps me remember who i am and who is in charge."  he smiled and had a relieved type look and said. "i sometimes think i am the only one."  i told him, "No your not, but it is nice to publilcy run into others."  we exchanged names and i gave him my phone number and told him to call me if he ever needed to talk.  we smiled and went our ways.  i hope he does call.  After all, we are in a special club.  Nothing wrong with that!

you can Cum Too.

The other night my Wife got some loving foot worship from me.  She rewarded me by making love to me in the morning.  Of course i lay below Her as She mounted me and rode my cock as though i did not matter, but She did allow me to release in Her.  Usually She has me clean Her out orally but She was in a rush and cleaned Herself, got dresed and went to work.

Last night at bedtime, i did my usual foot massges, foot kissing, toe licking. and as often happens, it ended with me at Her directions to move up to Her pussy where i lapped Her to an orgasm.  She then teased my erection with Her foot, but did not allow a release, instead She turned over and went to bed, saying. "Sorry dear, I am  tired perhaps tomorow."

This morning, i went down stairs to the kitchen, prepared Her coffee and light breakfast.  i was wearing only panties, and an apron, and t-shirt, which is what i usually wear unless told differently.  my Wife sat, drank Her coffee and at her breakfast and read Her paper while cleaned up at the sink.  i hear Her get up and the click of Her high heels walk up behind me.  She put Her arms around me, kissed my neck,  rubbed her hands on my chest and then slipped her hand quickly under the apron and down the front of my panties and beagn to cup and rub roughly my cock.  "I am going to thank you for last night sweetie" She said.

i was told to keep doing what i was doing as She turned my instant erection into a tool to control me.  It has always been that way.  What a picture if someone came up to the window.  She has done things like this to me before.  Often Her clothed, me naked, and She using me in the kitchen for before work morning delight.  i have been made to sit down in a chair as She lifed Her skirt and  rides me to an orgasem, i have been made to impale myself on her Strapon as She sat in chair and i have been on my knees giving Her pussy a ultimate kisses.  She reminded me She likes "owning me", that perhaps She will one day make it official and make me Her "slave" instead of a husband.  i know She won't but She likes to torment me.  "Is it getting there?  I have to go so you better cum soon sweetie.  Come on.  I came last night, so now you can  cum too.  Do now!  Do it in your panties!"  And as if on cue by Her command i came in my panties.  And as it subsided, She pulled out Her hand and had me lick it clean.  She dried Her hand with the towel, and kissed me and told me She would like me to run the errands listed on the table and i can wear regular clothes while doing so.  She said bye again, said. "Luv you." and i was left there, cum soaked panties on, having forgot if She told me i could remove them. (She has had me wear them all day before).  i chose to remove them, wash them in the kitchen sink by hand and left them on the counter to dry hoping She will be okay with that.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Foot Worship

Sometimes i am rewarded for my faithful obedience and allowed to worship my Wife's beauitful feet.  Tonight She came back from a business engagement, and She was so tired She told me to make Her a bath to soak.  After She got out, She lay in bed and as i was getting ready, She called me over, pointed at her feet and immediately I knew what to do.  i kneeled at the bed,  and began to rub Her feet, massage them. i did this for quite a while and then i kissed both of Her feet.  i started at the bottom of Her toes, then the soles, and then i licked each toe and licked then sucked on each one as though it was the most wonderful candy ever made.  She enjoys this very much and Her moans told me i was doing a good job.  For me my pleasure was evident as my cock became erect and i anticipated if i did a good job She may let me suck her pussy and as She has done many times, She may bring me off with Her feet.  But alas, tonight She fell asleep to my foot worship.  i gave her feet each one last big kiss on Her soles, as i paid homage to the lowest part of Her body to remind myself of my place.  i covered up Her feet and legs under the covers and thanked Her for letting me worhsip Her feet.  i then waited what seemed like forever for my erection to subside, and then i crawled in next to Her and dreamed about what She may want of me in the morning.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome to my blog.  i hope to be able to enlighten all of you to my chosen lifestyle.  i will as i go along share with you just how i live to please my Wife and share experiences.  i am open to questions and i am very submissive to all Women as is expected by my Wife, and also to strong men.  As i am new to this and i am very technolgically incompetent, i hope my life is alo entertaining to many of you.  i am Mr. Gina.