Saturday, September 29, 2012

Strapon Saturday Anticipation

This one reminds me of a quickie before a backyard BBQ!

And this one before we go out for the evening.

And because my Wife and i are always into symbolism to remind me of my place,W/we like this one because She is technically not totally naked as She gets to keep Her shoes on.

Strapon Saturday, Her right, my duty.

Care to share?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Milking Monday.

How did milking Monday start in O/our house?  As far back as whe we dated, when my future Wife let me know She enjoyed having me naked and She wanted to see me ejaculate before Her.


Later She would  take advantage of my well known foot fetish.

Soon after we married, She expected me to present myself to Her before She went to work during Her morning coffee on Monday morning.

Add to that, Her fascination of enjoying the sight of a man's ejaculation.

She soon found ways ofen enjoying it.  At Breakfast.

For lunch.

At bedtime.

Monday's i get to be milked.  But it's still for Her.

How was your monday?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's Saturday! You know what that means!

my Wife is really getting "into" Strapon Saturday's.  Not that She needs to plan a day for this sexual actvitity, but the build up is so intensifies when She does it to me.

She commented to me how She likes the picture below.  Mostly for the CFNM aspect.  She prefers the strapon to dildoes however.

i admit to liking this one.  It reminds me (as the Wife is wearing Her glasses),of when my Wife might decide to stop reading Her book for a moment, or perhaps take a break from working that She brought home from the office.  In other words,take a few minutes off for a "quickie" with Her husband.

Perhaps after a nice dinner out, when we get home and i am putting things away down stairs, i will turn around to the sound of my Wife saying, "It's Saturday sweetie. Take off your clothes!"  and i look to see Her wearing ,the rarely used, "Big Bubba!"  

Should i be scared or excited?  In the end, (yes pun intneded!), the look of pleasure, power, and excitement my Wife gets out of it is all worth it.  i am Mr. Regina. The husband of Ms. Regina.

Happy Strapon Saturday!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Oh how this is so real in my Wifes bed and home.

i love belonging to Her.

i am Ms Regina Italia's husband.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Strap on Saturday

Yes, my Wife loves to indulge in Strap on Saturday's. 
  Her bedroom, Her bed, Her strap on, Her husband waiting in his place.

we hubbies sometimetimes forget, it , the pleadure is for Her.

Though my Wife is a loving Woman who does enjoy watching me get pleasure out of my submission as well.  Her terms of course.

But sometimes i want to live out a fantasy of mine in which my Wife would use me to show Her younger sister how to fuck Her fiance once they get married.

Has not happened, most likely never will.  But the thought of contributing to the Matriarchal world would help even more solidify my Wife and my belief in O/our marriage.  Anyone else have a nice Strap on Staurday as well?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A loving night of submitting to my Wife.

It was a beautiful day today.  So i thought i would surpise my Wife whenShe returned from work with a glass of wine to relax in the backyard.  She really liked that i wore Her favorite attire for me.  "Nothing"  She said she  liked taking a peak of what She planned to enjoy this evening!

W/we retired to the bedroom where She decided to spank me because "She could."

Of course, i thanked Her properly under Her ever loving and guided lead!

After some teasing....

A little more appreciative kissing...

Some pentrative fun for Her...

She "made" me cum

i thanked Her and we went to bed.

Such a wonderful evening.  How did you all thank your wives tonight?  i am Mr. Regina Italia.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Submissive Thoughts.

i like to think back on O/our marriage and remember what it was like earlier!
 Like Her "surprising" me in the kitchen!

Or i imagine i am still presenting myself for Her pleasure when we get older, as She also balances Her successful career!

 Calling the kids, "How are the grandkids, oh daddy and I are preparing for bed." 

Or i remember days, like we still have when She takes me any time any place.  Loving my body and what She has the right to do to it.

Or the occasional "games" when She wants me to be Her "wife"

In the endijust want to love Her, please Her, and obey Her.

Isn't  there anyone else out there who feels the same way i do?

Monday, September 3, 2012

When the Woman comes home. his duty is...

The good littlte house hubby is obedient to his Wife.  he always supports Her and submits to Her need for comfort and pleasure.

  The little hubby listens as the Woman of the house describes Her work day.

 Mandatory duty everyday.  Sometimes i am dressed!

 Sometimes She lets me know how She would like me to present myself for a welcome home kiss!

 She may decide W/we retreat to the Her bedroom,  She plays with me till She decides what She wants to do with me.

Perhaps She wants to kiss and make use of my body.

She may make use of a particular part of me.

 Or She decides to do to me what is Her right in Her bed. 

  But always.  In Her house, as Head of the House, what ever She wants She gets.  Her right.  my duty.  i love Her so very much!  i am Mr Regina Italia!