Monday, August 27, 2012

More submssive reminders.

i enjoy illustrations that remind me of my excitement when my Wife comes home from work and She lets me know what She wants to do to relax after a long days work.

Perhaps a quickie remond me i belong to Her!

No matter how much i aim to please Her, She thoroughly enjoys Her way of treating me to fun as well!

i so love submitting my vuknerability to Her and i so love reinforcing my submision to Her as Her husband.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Public Display

i like this illustration as it shows the Wife is still in charge even in public.  It shows how She is obviously in charge.  he looks utterly "naked" before Her presence, even clothed, as he waits Her decision to let him sit or continue to do Her bidding in a public place.  How do you all see it?


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Anywhere, Everywhere, Always

my Wife saw this and told me to post it because it remindsU/us of road trips and yes this has happened before.  At anytime, She likes me naked, showing my devotion to Her.  i like the outdoor CFNM. i like kissing Her bare foot.  And my Wife enjoys the "salute"to Her authority.


What do all of you think?  i enjoy and appreciate Y/your comments.  mr. Regina.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

So Natural

i like illustrations and examples of showing the wife in charge.  i like this one as it shows, it is Her bed.

Perhaps, She takes advanatge of Her rights at a party behind closed doors while other guests wonder "Where did Ms. and mr. Regina wander off too?"

my decidedly, femme or as She prefers, "submissive attire" at home.

i know my place.  She knows Hers.

This is Her home.  And i love where i belong.  To Her.  It feels so natural.  Does anyone else feel the same way? i am Ms Regina's husband.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

She wants to peg me.

These are examples of what my Wife calls "slam bam thank you man" pegging fun.

CFNM Strap on sex is so hot!

Taken!  Her power trip is my submission!

Sometimes i am surprised with a "hint"!  "Guess what I want tonight?" She says.

Her bed.  my duty.  

Anyone else out there accepts a Wifes pegging right?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

i Adore Her!

After what my Wife did to me the night before, i was gitty all day!  Why?  Because of the mail!  i decided to show my devotion by cleaning Her houseso She would come to a proper home.

When she came home from a hard days work,  i immediately pampered Her the best  way i know how.

 She loves when i kneel at Her feet and massage them.

She then told me to fetch Her a drink and present myself "properly!"  So i stripped and began to kiss Her feet.

She likes the foot rubs, licking, toe sucking, so i did what pleases Her.

i then did my duty and worked hard to please Her!

After i pleased Her, She rewarded me!

And i thanked Her!

And W/we spent the rest  of the evening, watching the Olympics, and Her on the phone, me at my place.

What happned? She made love to me with Her strapon the night before, and that day, in the a, our new stationary! A strong reminder who W/we are.  It said, "From the Home of Ms. and Mr. Regina Italia."

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Making Love

Last night my Wife made love to me.  She didn't "fuck" me, which W/we both recognize is Her right, and she just didn't just use me with Her strapon, She made love to me.  Sometimes Her use of the strapon to just make love to Her husband in Her bed, well......!

You tell me!!!