Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Her Bedroom.

At any time i am Hers to have.onaniaorg:

MASTURBATRIX HANDBOOK p. 45: Frequently milk him from behind, with his penis drawn back between his legs. This position reinforces in his own mind that his male organs are useless, incapable of forward-thrusing female penetration and normal copulation.
Her pleasure is my biggest wish.
my place is beneath Her.

It has never been our bed, always Her bed.Baby, you will be so frustrated… so horny…. so eager to please…. willing to do anything I ask…. when I am finished with you.

i  never know what is in store when i hear the  words, "It's time for bed.."
i am Mr. Regina, husband of Ms. Regina who rules Her world!


  1. Would love to have your life, you are so lucky.
    My wife even wants the lights off when we make love once every 2 months. To have a woman like you have would be so beautiful.

  2. i sincerely hope your Wife will see the light and take Her place as the Head of your marriage. Good luck and thank you for commenting. i hope more will do so as well! Mr. Gina

  3. truly wonderfully truly missing this in my realtionship