Thursday, August 2, 2012

i Adore Her!

After what my Wife did to me the night before, i was gitty all day!  Why?  Because of the mail!  i decided to show my devotion by cleaning Her houseso She would come to a proper home.

When she came home from a hard days work,  i immediately pampered Her the best  way i know how.

 She loves when i kneel at Her feet and massage them.

She then told me to fetch Her a drink and present myself "properly!"  So i stripped and began to kiss Her feet.

She likes the foot rubs, licking, toe sucking, so i did what pleases Her.

i then did my duty and worked hard to please Her!

After i pleased Her, She rewarded me!

And i thanked Her!

And W/we spent the rest  of the evening, watching the Olympics, and Her on the phone, me at my place.

What happned? She made love to me with Her strapon the night before, and that day, in the a, our new stationary! A strong reminder who W/we are.  It said, "From the Home of Ms. and Mr. Regina Italia."

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