Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Always Her husband!

There are times when i enjoy my Wife keeping me on edge.  i never know when She is going to remind me of my place in the marriage.

Perhaps at home or at a  relatives house.

Woshipping the lowest part of her body. With clothes on...

or not!

Having dinner ready for her when She comes home from work.

Just being below Her is all hte rminder i need to know i love Her and want to belong to Her.

i am Her husband.  Mr. Regina Italia!


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  2. Please come see my new blog Ms Regina Rules II! W/we would love for you to all rejoin U/us. Ms. and Mr Regina Italia

  3. We're building a new photography studio and Paige is putting he finishing touches on the stair entrance. She goes crazy with the roller brush, painting everything in her 5½" sandals. We never even notice how "micro mini" the skirt was that she was wearing but we deem it ok for viewers... but not by much. Watch full video here

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