Monday, September 3, 2012

When the Woman comes home. his duty is...

The good littlte house hubby is obedient to his Wife.  he always supports Her and submits to Her need for comfort and pleasure.

  The little hubby listens as the Woman of the house describes Her work day.

 Mandatory duty everyday.  Sometimes i am dressed!

 Sometimes She lets me know how She would like me to present myself for a welcome home kiss!

 She may decide W/we retreat to the Her bedroom,  She plays with me till She decides what She wants to do with me.

Perhaps She wants to kiss and make use of my body.

She may make use of a particular part of me.

 Or She decides to do to me what is Her right in Her bed. 

  But always.  In Her house, as Head of the House, what ever She wants She gets.  Her right.  my duty.  i love Her so very much!  i am Mr Regina Italia!

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