Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's Saturday! You know what that means!

my Wife is really getting "into" Strapon Saturday's.  Not that She needs to plan a day for this sexual actvitity, but the build up is so intensifies when She does it to me.

She commented to me how She likes the picture below.  Mostly for the CFNM aspect.  She prefers the strapon to dildoes however.

i admit to liking this one.  It reminds me (as the Wife is wearing Her glasses),of when my Wife might decide to stop reading Her book for a moment, or perhaps take a break from working that She brought home from the office.  In other words,take a few minutes off for a "quickie" with Her husband.

Perhaps after a nice dinner out, when we get home and i am putting things away down stairs, i will turn around to the sound of my Wife saying, "It's Saturday sweetie. Take off your clothes!"  and i look to see Her wearing ,the rarely used, "Big Bubba!"  

Should i be scared or excited?  In the end, (yes pun intneded!), the look of pleasure, power, and excitement my Wife gets out of it is all worth it.  i am Mr. Regina. The husband of Ms. Regina.

Happy Strapon Saturday!


  1. Mostly excited, except for the last one, God that thing is big!!

    I always enjoy being taken, but that would give me reason for pause. Enjoy your blog.


    1. Thank you for your comment James. i admit my Wife's Big Bubba is not as huge as the one in the picture, but the Woman's pose and attitude are perfect!

      Oh, and Saturday "ended up" well for the both of us. Thanks again! Mr. Regina.