Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fantasy at the Doctors Office

i like to fantasize, or rather dream about O/our lifestyle more extreme than it is.  For example, in my Female led World, our lawyer is a Woman.  Our accountant is a Woman.  Our dentitts is a Woman.  Our realtor is a Woman.  The palce we take our car to have it fixed is owned by a Woman.  And yes, our doctor is a Woman.! So i like to think of being put on display at the doctors office!


Perhaps soon!  Expecially if my Wife is present and the doctor and Her just have a social conversation while i am being examined.  Anyone out there ever have this happen to you?


  1. This did happen to me except with a male doctor. With my wife in the room he gave me a prostate exam. The worst part was when i pulled my pants and underwear down (glad I wore male underwear instead of my panties) there for everyone to see was a well spanked bottom. He hesitated for a second then did his exam. Wife had a HUGH smile on her face

  2. never done it but the wife keeps telling me it is gone to happen, red but an panties with her women doc,

  3. My doctor is also a woman and is very attractive. Last year my wife punished me with her crop and cane the day before an appointment. I had disobeyed her, but also she was annoyed at how often I seemed to comment on the doctor's looks. During the examination the next day, the doctor asked me about the marks. She already knew that my wife was the boss, but was unaware of the discipline aspect. I described our relationship in greater detail, and told her why I was punished and how I was punished. She listened very intently, then smiled and commented that it seemed that my wife has things very much under control. I nodded and agreed. She told me that at my next appointment perhaps my wife could join us. She would like to meet her. That's another story, but they have now become friends.