Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When She is ready.

This is where She wants, me and how She wants me, and i will wait till She decides when She wants me.  i never question why.

Sometimes, She is angry, and makes me wait for my punishment.  Though it is very rare. it does happen.  And in our Wedding vows, She promsied to lead me and correct me if and when necessary.

  So i am made to wait, be it for pleasure, or correction.  But always at Her lesiure.
 But always it is with love in Her heart that She does Her duty, not just because it is Her right.   She always reminds me She loves me and i thank Her.

 But sometimes i am rewarded afterward. She rewards me for my obedience and or submission.  my reward is being "Her husband." i love Her so.  i am sorry.  Thank You for reminding me of my place and i so do love being "Your husband."

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