Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Normal Life

As much i obey my Wife when She wants me naked, or kissing Her feet, or between Her legs or being used by Her strapon or being naked in Her presence, it is when we are acting 'normal" that much of the outside world sese She is the Head of our Home and marriage.  These times i even get hotter just being Her husband.

Following Her lead.

Doing my chores under Her direction.

Pampering Her after a hard days work.

What ever it is, i am always reminded,

 Who is on top. 

Any comments out there?


  1. So many forget...that being truly submissive in a Wife Led Marriage...means deferring to Her in all things...all the time...And this takes practice and patience and discipline...at least for this husband it does!

    1. you are so right k! Being man enough to accept the Wife's leadership, accepting Her ultimate authority, actually has more benefits than negatives. The longer youpractice it, the more natural it will come to be realized.

  2. I love it when my Wife shows her leadership over me, when She lets me do my domestic chores inthe presence of friends and relatives. It's wonderful to pleasure Her.
    And She even doesn't acknowledge our relationship as FLR.


    1. i too have come to love it when i can show the world that we are a true Wife led Marriage and that i accept as natural a Female led Relationship.