Thursday, April 12, 2012

you can Cum Too.

The other night my Wife got some loving foot worship from me.  She rewarded me by making love to me in the morning.  Of course i lay below Her as She mounted me and rode my cock as though i did not matter, but She did allow me to release in Her.  Usually She has me clean Her out orally but She was in a rush and cleaned Herself, got dresed and went to work.

Last night at bedtime, i did my usual foot massges, foot kissing, toe licking. and as often happens, it ended with me at Her directions to move up to Her pussy where i lapped Her to an orgasm.  She then teased my erection with Her foot, but did not allow a release, instead She turned over and went to bed, saying. "Sorry dear, I am  tired perhaps tomorow."

This morning, i went down stairs to the kitchen, prepared Her coffee and light breakfast.  i was wearing only panties, and an apron, and t-shirt, which is what i usually wear unless told differently.  my Wife sat, drank Her coffee and at her breakfast and read Her paper while cleaned up at the sink.  i hear Her get up and the click of Her high heels walk up behind me.  She put Her arms around me, kissed my neck,  rubbed her hands on my chest and then slipped her hand quickly under the apron and down the front of my panties and beagn to cup and rub roughly my cock.  "I am going to thank you for last night sweetie" She said.

i was told to keep doing what i was doing as She turned my instant erection into a tool to control me.  It has always been that way.  What a picture if someone came up to the window.  She has done things like this to me before.  Often Her clothed, me naked, and She using me in the kitchen for before work morning delight.  i have been made to sit down in a chair as She lifed Her skirt and  rides me to an orgasem, i have been made to impale myself on her Strapon as She sat in chair and i have been on my knees giving Her pussy a ultimate kisses.  She reminded me She likes "owning me", that perhaps She will one day make it official and make me Her "slave" instead of a husband.  i know She won't but She likes to torment me.  "Is it getting there?  I have to go so you better cum soon sweetie.  Come on.  I came last night, so now you can  cum too.  Do now!  Do it in your panties!"  And as if on cue by Her command i came in my panties.  And as it subsided, She pulled out Her hand and had me lick it clean.  She dried Her hand with the towel, and kissed me and told me She would like me to run the errands listed on the table and i can wear regular clothes while doing so.  She said bye again, said. "Luv you." and i was left there, cum soaked panties on, having forgot if She told me i could remove them. (She has had me wear them all day before).  i chose to remove them, wash them in the kitchen sink by hand and left them on the counter to dry hoping She will be okay with that.


  1. I would have worn them to remind me of the pleasure she had given me.

  2. you are right. i hope She is not angry when She gets home