Sunday, April 22, 2012

She wanted to play!

my Wife wanted to play this weekend.  This is what She wanted.  So i obeyed! She had a wonderful time!

Submissive Husband Brings Mistress Wife Breakfast in Bed puy 558   Yes.  When told to do so, i can and have become my Wife's sissy.  All she has to do is say, "I would like to play with My wife today."  And i know what She wants.  Lucky for me i can usually pass for femme.

But it is being truly treated like a "wife" in bed that arouses Her.  And me too!


  1. Mr. Regina
    Very, Very nice, do you do the drawings, they are reaslly nice.
    About your wife.....YOU are so lucky, treat her like the DIAMOND THAT SHE IS.

  2. No i do not draw these. If only i could! i do try to depict the scenes as close to my lfe as possible. And yes, i do treasure my Wife as She is everything to me and all i want to do is make Her happy and please Her. Even this blog is something She likes. Thank you for replying to my blog.

    Mr. Regina