Thursday, April 12, 2012

me Too.

i just returned from doing some grocery shopping and was so happy to get out of my jeans because my pantes were crawling up my butt.  But the reason i am writing this quick post is that i ran into a fellow "sub hubby club member."

As i was going down the aisle to buy some feminine products for my Wife, i saw a young man, dressed in a short jacket and tight fitting sweat pants, wearing flips on his bare feet, seemingly looking for some of the same things i was.  he was not only uncomfortable pulling the products off the shelf and putting them in the basket, but he was picking at his sweats as his panties which i could clearly see the outline were obviously bugging him.  i took the chance, and it couldbe risky, and quietly said to him, "i know.  mine are crawling up on me too."  he blushed and said, "Are you a..?"  i quickly said to save him any embarassment or doubt, "Yes i am."  We introduced ourselves, and in quiet talk he let me know his fiance "Told me to get these things for Her and i am a  bit embarassed." i told him "i have been doing this for a while and the embarassment does not go away completely but it helps me remember who i am and who is in charge."  he smiled and had a relieved type look and said. "i sometimes think i am the only one."  i told him, "No your not, but it is nice to publilcy run into others."  we exchanged names and i gave him my phone number and told him to call me if he ever needed to talk.  we smiled and went our ways.  i hope he does call.  After all, we are in a special club.  Nothing wrong with that!

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  1. to share the suffering with others can become a great help for every male subbie.
    i would be very proud to get such a friend.