Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome to my blog.  i hope to be able to enlighten all of you to my chosen lifestyle.  i will as i go along share with you just how i live to please my Wife and share experiences.  i am open to questions and i am very submissive to all Women as is expected by my Wife, and also to strong men.  As i am new to this and i am very technolgically incompetent, i hope my life is alo entertaining to many of you.  i am Mr. Gina.

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  1. Hi Mr. Gina.
    I like to read the first post, sets the type of person who writes the next posts. The first is the more legitimate and real.
    I've read a few posts and liked your posture with the life of submissive husband. I am happy with the complicity of his wife.
    Like you I am also submissive to my wife and I am her Cuckold. It all started by my sexual impotence, just give pleasure to my wife with cunnilingus and I who suggested that she needed a manly man.
    To compensate my wife I do homework. I started to enjoy my submissive husband life and my wife feels happier in sex and in life